SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL FOR GAO-17-624: Survey of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies

GAO-17-626SP, July 2017

This product is a supplement to HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Information on Cases in Indian Country or that Involved Native Americans (GAO-17-624).


GAO administered this web survey to all known tribal law enforcement agencies, based on information provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) within the Department of the Interior (DOI). The survey began on September 8, 2016 and we received all responses by December 31, 2016. It was sent to 203 agencies and we received responses from 132 agencies - a response rate of 65 percent. The survey asked about the extent to which respondents had encountered human trafficking in Indian country or of Native Americans, the factors that affect their ability to identify and investigate human trafficking crimes, the services available to human trafficking victims in their jurisdiction, and other topics. The survey also asked about demographic information for individual trafficking victims. That information has been omitted here as the information provided by the survey respondents was not sufficiently complete to provide meaningful aggregate results.

Certain questions were asked only of some respondents, depending on their answers to prior questions; the number of respondents who were skipped out of questions is noted.

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Human Trafficking Statute(s) View View
Investigations Involving Human Trafficking View View
Services Available to Human Trafficking Victims View View
Crimes Considered to be Human Trafficking View View
Human Trafficking Investigations in 2014 View View
Human Trafficking Investigations in 2015 View View
Human Trafficking Investigations in 2016 (to date) View View
Sources of Information Provided on Investigations View View
Factors Associated with Human Trafficking View View
Services Available to Human Trafficking Victims View View
Human Trafficking Reporting View View
Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking View View
Funding and Assistance View View
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